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Digital media receiver KD-X320BTS

EE Model #: KDX320
Manufacturer Model #: KD-X320BTS
UPC/EAN: 046838070990

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JVC KDX320 view 1
JVC KDX320 view 2
JVC KDX320 view 1
JVC KDX320 view 2

50% OFF


JVC KDX320 view 1
JVC KDX320 view 2
JVC KDX320 view 1
JVC KDX320 view 2
JVC KDX320 view 1
JVC KDX320 view 2

Product features

  • digital media receiver with AM/FM tuner
  • built-in Bluetooth for hands-free calling and audio streaming
  • built-in iPod control, 2-way iPod/iPhone control
  • Siri Eyes-Free-Mode for iPhone

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Get the most from your digital music

If CDs just aren't part of your world any more, JVC's KD-X320BTS digital media receiver handles all your music devices, plus it gives you a lot more power than your average factory radio. You'll also enjoy hands-free calling and wireless streaming audio with this JVC, conveniences that'll make your driving time a little easier.

Tune in to satellite radio

If you're a satellite radio fan, you can connect a SiriusXM tuner to this JVC to start enjoying the wide variety of music, sports, news, and entertainment available on SiriusXM. If you haven't experienced satellite radio, you'll be blown away by the incredible selection of programming that comes with your subscription. Plus, you can drive all the way across the USA without losing your favorite channels.

Ready for your Android™

Android™ users can control Pandora® right from the stereo through the Bluetooth connection — no wires needed. JVC's Smart Music Control app lets you use your compatible Android phone's touchscreen to control the action using finger swipes and gestures — for example, make an upside-down "V" to change the source. With your Android phone safely attached to a mount, you can reach down and skip a track without taking your eyes off the road. The KD-X320BTS plays MP3, WMA, WAV, and even FLAC files. Putting together a custom road mix on a thumb drive for a long trip? You can use JVC's Playlist Creator software on your Windows® PC to organize your music, so you can find the song you want in a flash with the JVC's controls. JVC KD-X320BTS Digital Media Receiver The handy USB port and aux input on the front panel are ready for your favorite devices.

Siri® Eyes Free technology

If you're an iPhone user, this receiver gives you more than wireless control -- you get voice control. Talk to Siri to make calls, choose music, get directions, and more. Anything you can do with Siri can be done with this receiver. The KD-X320BTS is all about app control, too. Pandora® or iHeartRadio users can connect to the receiver and access basic controls like "play," "pause," "thumbs-up," and "thumbs-down" on the screen display. For added convenience, the 2-way control feature lets you pick music using the receiver's controls, or you can use the phone itself.

Make a USB connection

With your smartphone connected to the KD-X320BTS, you can listen to your phone's internal memory as one source and access its microSD card as another. You can also pair two phones at once, so you don't have to choose between the personal phone and the work phone again. The Drive Change feature allows you to connect a memory card reader or USB hub to the JVC's USB input and select music from up to five memory cards or USB flash drives.

Expand your system for better sound

The KD-X320BTS has the connections you'll need if you're planning to build a complete car audio system. When it's time to add a powered sub, you can switch the rear preamp outputs over to subwoofer mode to control your bass from the receiver.

Digital Media Receiver

Unit Size:

RMS Power Output (Watts):
20 W x 4

Max. Power Output (Watts):
50 W x 4

CD-R/RW Compatible:

WMA Playback:

MP3 Playback:

Max Power:
200 W

Bluetooth Compatible:

SiriusXM Ready:

AM / FM Tuner:

Auxiliary Input:

# Channels:

XM Ready:

USB Interface:

AV Inputs:


Recommended Protection Plans for JVC KDX320 / KD-X320BTS:

Protect your new purchase against the risk of untimely and expensive repairs with NSI Protection Plus coverage!

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