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Russound CAV6.6S2

Audio/Video Controller and Amplifier

EE Model #: CAV6.6S2
UPC/EAN: 612934528200
Russound CAV6.6S2 view 1
Russound CAV6.6S2 view 1
Russound CAV6.6S2 view 1
Russound CAV6.6S2 view 1
Russound CAV6.6S2 view 1

Product features

  • The industry’s most comprehensive single chassis solution
  • Acts as an Audio/Video Controller and Amplifier
  • Dramatically reduce your installation time.
  • Six zones with 20 Watts per channel

Product Reviews

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The award-winning and sophisticated CAV6.6 is a star performer. It works behind the scenes to distribute six audio-video sources to six rooms in your home. Its like having an entertainment system in each room. Enjoy a galaxy of music and movies from any seat in the house. Features Favorite program presets. System on and off from any keypad. Infrared remote control. Party mode. Program information from RNET sources displayed on the keypads. Paging and doorbell muting capability. Easy to use Attractive UNO keypads give you complete system control and status. Intelligent RNET provides seamless operation with Russound source equipment. Expandable Multiple controllers link together to provide more zones. Convenient Favorite presets, system on/off, infrared remote control, party mode. Versatile Paging and doorbell muting support with audio and video inputs. Compatible RS-232 serial interface for integrated control systems.

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