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Honeywell LYRIC-3G

GSM Digital Alarm Communicator LYRIC-3G

EE Model #: LYRIC3G
Manufacturer Model #: LYRIC-3G
UPC/EAN: 8866182209510

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Honeywell LYRIC3G view 1
Honeywell LYRIC3G view 1

13% OFF

Honeywell LYRIC3G view 1
Honeywell LYRIC3G view 1
Honeywell LYRIC3G view 1

Product features

  • For AT&T
  • User-replaceable communicator
  • Makes systems easier to maintain
  • 128-bit AES encryption for high level security

Product Reviews

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The Honeywell Lyric-3G GSM Communicator for AT&T is for use with Lyric Controller and provides high level security with its 128-bit AES encryption. This communicator is user-replaceable and easy to install, eliminating the need for services calls. Diagnostic LEDs indicate signal strength and status, making your Lyric system easier to maintain.

Easier to Sell

The Lyric Controller offers a choice of two of today’s most reliable wireless communication technologies. It can use either CDMA (Verizon) or GSM (AT&T and Rogers) communicators. Lyric communicators are designed to be user replaceable—eliminating the need for a service call and improving operational efficiency.

Easier to Maintain

User-replaceable cellular radios make systems easier to maintain—reducing the need for truck rolls and improving efficiency. Diagnostic LEDs provide signal strength and status indications.

Remote Services-Ready

Lyric communicators support Honeywell Total Connect® Remote Services*—boosting your RMR while providing consumers with on-the-go security and home control, video viewing and real-time alerts anytime, anywhere, on any PC or smart device.

Easier to Install

Control panel data can be uploaded and downloaded via CDMA or GSM, simplifying installations.

Secure Encryption

Lyric communicators employ true, 128-bit AES encryption for a high level of security.
*Service subscription required.


  • Powered and battery backed directly from Lyric Controller
  • Input Voltage: 5VDC nominal
  • Quiescent Current: 15mA
  • Average Current During Transmit: 300mA


  • Dual Band: UMTS/HSPA (850, 1900 MHz)
  • VSWR: 3:1
  • Peak Gain: 3 dBi
  • Impedance: 50 ohms
  • Polarization: linear

GSM Communicator


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