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Directed Electronics SOLOD1

Soloist Universal Sound Dock

Bring your Sirius satellite radio receiver or iPod to life with the Soloist universal sound system. Boasting a series of docking cradles and adapters for holding the Sirius Sportster 3 and 4, Starmate 3 and 4, Stiletto SL100 and SL10, and Stratus receivers, along with a separate cradle that holds all dockable iPods, the sound system serves as an ideal audio centerpiece for your bedroom, office, or basement rec room. Simply drop your preferred audio device into one of the docking cradles and you're set. Listeners will love the Soloist's rich, detailed sound, which employs patented NXT honeycomb flat-panel speaker technology to create a dynamic, powerful audio performance. The flat-panel surfaces vibrate seamlessly to provide a full audio range, while the four built-in exciters are coupled at lower frequencies to flesh out the bass response. The resulting sonic footprint resonates in all directions, making this a far more immersive system than most integrated speaker models.

The Soloist receives high-quality satellite reception thanks to its indoor/outdoor antenna, which includes a 21-foot connection cable. For best results, listeners should place the antenna on the roof (the antenna is fully waterproof), where it's more likely to find a clear path to the satellite signals. However, the antenna may still work well if located on the side of the house or near a window, provided it receives an unobstructed view of the sky.

The Soloist is also equipped with an LCD display that coordinates the built-in clock, source, timers, and other functions. The full-featured alarm and sleep timer, meanwhile, come in handy should you locate the Soloist in a bedroom. The alarm lets you wake to one of Sirius's more than 130 digital streams--including music, news, talk, sports, or entertainment--as well as recorded Sirius content or an iPod playlist. The sleep timer works in the opposite direction, playing your Sirius or iPod tunes for 10 to 90 minutes (in 10-minute increments) until you fall asleep.

Other details include a 20-watt Tripath amplifier; five built-in equalization settings (flat, classic, rock, pop, and jazz); a dynamic bass boost function that improves the low frequency response; a USB connection for hooking up to your PC; line and auxiliary inputs and a line output for connecting external audio sources to the system; a headphone jack for private listening; and a wireless remote with buttons for virtually all of the system's functions, including a 0-9 direct keypad for selecting Sirius channels. The Soloist, which measures 12.62 by 7.88 by 4.62 inches (W x H x D), is backed by a one- year warranty.

What's in the Box
Soloist sound system, AC/DC power adapter with 6-foot cord, wireless remote with battery, antenna with 21-foot cord, Sportster docking cradle, Starmate/Stratus cradle adapter, Stiletto docking cradle, iPod docking cradle, clock battery, user's manual.

Sirus Soloist Universal Boombox Docking Station for the latest generation of radio plug-and-play receivers. The media dock uses the SurfaceSound flat-panel speaker technology, powered by a 10-watt-per-channel Tripath amp. This Soloist docking station utilizes the new Sirius universal connector that shares the same configuration with the Sportster 4. Included in the Soloist package is a home antenna, wireless remote, AC power adapter, and a front panel AUX IN and headphone jack, rear panel AUX IN and OUT, rear panel USB port, and a built-in alarm