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Bring the Movie Theater to Your Home

Are you ready for your first home theater or is it past time for an upgrade? Electronic Express carries an extensive and complete selection of home theater components, including TVs, projectors, blu-ray and streaming players, speakers, stands, wall mounts, and more. Choose from top brands like Sony, Samsung, LG, Onkyo, Monster Cable, Polk Audio, OmniMount, and others. Our expert home theater consultants are available to help you select the proper components to create an ideal experience for you and your friends. Shop our first-rate selection today to create the best home theater entertainment room you’ve ever had!

HDTV & Video

Enjoy image quality rivaling your local theater with the newest 4K OLED and QLED TVs—from 40” bedroom TVs to massive 88” home theater TVs.

Media Players

Stream the latest movies or your favorite syndicated sitcom into your TV, or upscale your DVDs to look better on your 4K TV.

Home Theater Audio

Sound is half of the experience. Don't just hear the sound—feel it with a soundbar or proper surround sound system.

TV Accessories

Everything you need to mount your TV on the wall and get it connected and integrated into your home theater.