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Choose at least 2 products to compare

Choose at least 2 products to compare
Choose at least 2 products to compare


Yeticaster Professional Broadcast Bundle

  • Multiple pattern selection—cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional, and stereo
  • Compass premium broadcast boom arm
  • Radius III custom shockmount
  • Mac and PC compatible


In Store, More on Way

Xtreme XBS9-1036-BLK

LED Karaoke Microphone - Black XBS9-1036-BLK

  • Connect to a Bluetooth device and sing along to your music
  • Lights up and changes color
  • Played wired and wirelessly
  • Excellent sound quality



In Store Only

First Act BR425

Barbie Microphone and Amplifier BR425

  • Great sound and projects a child
  • Includes a sound activated light show
  • Adjustable Mic Stand
  • AUX input for an iPod, iPhone or other music player



In Store Only

Britelite MC-2000

Two Professional Microphones and Wireless Receiver MC-2000

  • Wireless Receiver for Enhanced Mobility
  • Two Professional Microphones
  • Ideal for Meetings, Events and Karaoke Parties
  • Designed to transmit high quality sound while remaining mobile and easy to use



In Store Only

First Act MN425

Minions Mic and Amp

  • MP3 Input Jack
  • Adjustable microphone stand
  • Sized just right for the budding rock star
  • Includes volume controls



In Store Only

Sony FV100

Dynamic Vocal Microphone with UniMatch Mini-Plug

  • Uni-directional, dynamic microphone is compact & affordable
  • Wide frequency response range (100Hz to 12,000Hz)
  • Built-in on/off switch for specific use while on a stage
  • UniMatch mini-plug for use with all types of components



In Store Only