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8K Television, 4K Smart TVs, LED TVs, Flat Screen TVs, OLED TVs, & more

Ever walk into a room, and it feels like something is missing? I'm sure that feeling sinks in when you walk into a living room, with no TV to pull you into immersive entertainment. It's no secret that whether you use it to watch programs through your cable service, stream your favorite service, or even play video games, TV's are the superstars of the entertainment scene.

With the cutting edge technology of 8K resolution, you can experience the ultimate true-to-life cinematic experience. Containing an incredible 7680 x 4320 resolution standard, the 8K UHDTVs creates lifelike detail that performs closer to the limits of human vision, blowing 4K TV's 3840 x 2160 resolution standard out of the water. That being said, I wouldn't sleep on the 4K TV's if I were you. You'd still be able to enjoy every single piece of detail with four times the resolution of a Full HDTV, receiving an incredibly realistic picture.

With our selections, you'll find plenty of Smart TV's that will provide images of vibrant color, and fantastic HDR. Whether it's the Samsung QLEDs, TCL QLEDs, Sony OLEDs, LG OLEDs, and more, you'll embrace impactful highlights, vivid colors, and ultra-darks that will pop out of the screen into your reality.

OLED TVs, O meaning organic, generate on organic light-emitting diodes that triumph over your typical LED when it comes to contrast levels, power consumption, viewing angles, response time and lag. If you're looking for the deepest black levels, then OLED is the way to go. Organic LEDs have a self-emissive panel, so that it can switch individual pixels on and off. By shutting off electricity to pixels in order to create dark areas in the image, it eliminates any light in the area, creating the ultimate contrast.

However, when it comes to pure brilliance, QLEDs are the way to go. QLED, Q meaning Quantum dot, generates incredible brightness with the use of separate backlights, instead of relying on individual pixels to create their own light. You’ll embark on visuals with 100% Color Volume, through images exploding with an array of over one billion shades of vivid and brilliant colors.

We provide TVs that have 4K and 8K AI upscaling processing, smart home features, and even future software updating capabilities, so you can get the most out of something that once started out as something to pass the time. That’s right, you’ll be able to take original content and watch it in quality that the creators intended for it, through 4K and 8K AI processing. We offer televisions that make life easier like Samsung’s SmartThings and LG’s ThinQ, which study your habits to give you preventive ideas and advice. With the power of the SmartThings, LG ThinQ® AI and Google Assistant compatible TVs, you can control the entirety of your home’s compatible devices.

Check out our TV & Home Theater Installation Department where we can design and professionally install the system of your dreams.