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iSKIN EVO3BLS view 1
iSKIN EVO3BLS view 1
iSKIN EVO3BLS view 1
iSKIN EVO3BLS view 1
iSKIN EVO3BLS view 1


Hot Pink 5th Generation iPod Video 60GB Skin EVO3BLSA

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Product features

  • First ever scratch resistant face and screen protector
  • Functional low-profile polycarbonate rotatable RevoClip 2
  • Integrated docking port connector cover
  • Features a micro texture called eVoGrip™
The iPod¨ nano is ideal for listening to your favourite tunes during a workout at the gym or during active sports. So we created the iSkin DuoBandª for iPod nano with just about every activity in mind. Whether it's yoga or snowboarding, the DuoBand is designed to give you the hands free freedom to focus on what you are doing without worrying about your iPod. The DuoBand is the first armband solution that combines an iSkin silicone inner layer with a durable polycarbonate outer layer to offer full-time shock and impact protection. It even provides protection against sweat, making it ideal for joggers and aerobic exercising. Best of all, it's lightweight and maintains the iPod nanoâs low profile and aesthetic design qualities. The DuoBand is available in two colors and can be combined with iSkin slimsª and CERULEAN XLR earphones to create even more colorful looks including


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