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SiriusXM XMDKEN100

DIG Adapter For Kenwood XM Radio

EE Model #: XMDKEN100
UPC/EAN: 034405300021

40% OFF

SiriusXM XMDKEN100 view 1
SiriusXM XMDKEN100 view 1

40% OFF

SiriusXM XMDKEN100 view 1
SiriusXM XMDKEN100 view 1
SiriusXM XMDKEN100 view 1

Product features

  • Frequency : 2320 to 2332.5 MHz
  • Bandwidth : 12.5 MHz
  • Working Voltage Range : 7.5V min to 16V max
  • XM Approved

Product Reviews

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The Terk XMDKEN100 XMDirect Smart Digital Adapter allows you to connect the XMD1000Terk XM Direct Universal XM Satellite Radio Tuner to your Kenwood in-dash receiver. Both this adapter and the universal tuner are extremely compact and will install easily behind your dash or in any other convenient location.

Please note that when using the XMDKEN100 adapter, the sound settings -- such as bass, treble, balance, fader, and sub level -- on some Kenwood receivers may revert to factory settings when you switch from XM to another source and back. Channel presets and equalizer presets, however, will continue to operate properly.

For more information about XM Radio digital-quality sound, coast-to-coast coverage, and more than 150 channels of satellite radio entertainment, visit

What's in the Box
XMDKEN100 adapter, cables, and installation guide.

The XMDirect Smart Digital Adapter allows users to receive digital XM Satellite Radio directly through a Satellite Radio ready head unit. To complete the installation of an XMDirect Smart Digital Adapter a Universal Tuner box (XMD1000) must also be installed. This adapter is designed for Kenwood satellite radio ready car stereo head unit.For a complete compatibility list please refer to the original manufacturer's web

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