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Cobra 29LXR

Professional CB Radio with Weather - Recertified

EE Model #: 29LXR
UPC/EAN: 028377201448

60% OFF

Cobra 29LXR view 1
Cobra 29LXR view 1

60% OFF

Cobra 29LXR view 1
Cobra 29LXR view 1
Cobra 29LXR view 1

Product features

  • Selectable, 4-Color LCD Display
  • NOAA Weather & Emergency Alert
  • Weather Scan and Alert Scan
  • Frequency Display

Product Reviews

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The 29 LX is a professional LCD CB radio featuring a selectable LCD Dot Matrix display in red, green, blue or amber with customizable night and day settings. Additional features include NOAA weather and emergency alert, weather and alert scan, and a radio check feature.

Selectable, 4-Color LCD Display

Easy-to-read display in green, blue, amber, and red.

NOAA Weather & Emergency Alert

Be prepared for storms and emergencies with built-in NOAA radio receiver.

Weather Scan and Alert Scan

Automatically scans for the strongest weather channel and alert tone.

Frequency Display

Displays operating CB and weather frequencies.

Radio Check Feature

Radio diagnostics for RF power, vehicle voltage and antenna SWR status.

CB Radio

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