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Technical Pro DB30

1U Rack Mount dB Display with Power Supply

EE Model #: DB30
UPC/EAN: 817802011123

51% OFF

Technical Pro DB30 view 1
Technical Pro DB30 view 1

51% OFF

Technical Pro DB30 view 1
Technical Pro DB30 view 1
Technical Pro DB30 view 1

Product features

  • 8 Outlet, Rear-Facing Power Supply
  • 5V USB Charging Port
  • LED Decibel Readout
  • Removable Ears

Product Reviews

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For the times when standard displays don’t cut it, get the ultimate in control with the DB30 decibel display. Designed for professional sound engineers, audiophiles, and hi-fi enthusiasts, the DB30 provides readings over an enhanced spectrum that incorporates sounds from a whisper to a gunshot. Its intuitive LED readout comes with two settings--dot and bar--and ranges from 5 dB all the way up to 140 dB. For multi-platform connectivity, the DB30 comes with an RCA input and output that allows you to connect a variety of equipment common to professionals and casual listeners alike.

As a rack mountable unit, the DB30 integrates seamlessly into standard equipment lineups and comes with features that make it a multi-purpose powerhouse. In addition to providing information about volume, the DB30 comes with an 8 outlet, rear-facing power supply that allows you to power your system while consolidating equipment and making cord management easy. To charge smartphones, music storage devices, and other equipment, the DB30 also comes with a front-facing 5V USB power supply.

USB Interface:

Bluetooth Compatible: