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Memphis Audio 15PRX1244

12" 1000 Watt 1-Channel Car Amplifier 15PRX1244

Product features

  • Bolt on aluminum trim panels
  • Hidden top mounted controls
  • On-board AFS fusing / Bridged pair capability
  • Logo badge rotates to preferred display

MDAC Feature

Memphis Distortion Analysis Control gives the installer a visual indication of clipping on the amplifier, enabling more accurate setting of the optimum sensitivity level for the best sound quality and maximum performance.

MTLC Feature

Memphis Total Level Control allows the user to adjust the final output of the amplifier without altering the installer''s crucial original sensitivity settings.

MRCS Feature

Memphis Rapid Crossover System 24dB/Octave crossover slopes get to the desired crossover point quickly and accurately for better sound quality.

MBIG Feature

Memphis Bass Intensity Generator increases the intensity of the amplifier''s low frequency output - centered at 45Hz.

# Channels:

Max. Power Output (Watts):

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