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8% OFF

Samsung MBMD128DAAM view 1
Samsung MBMD128DAAM view 2
Samsung MBMD128DAAM view 1
Samsung MBMD128DAAM view 2

8% OFF

Samsung MBMD128DAAM view 1
Samsung MBMD128DAAM view 2
Samsung MBMD128DAAM view 1
Samsung MBMD128DAAM view 2
Samsung MBMD128DAAM view 1
Samsung MBMD128DAAM view 2

Samsung MBMD128DAAM

128GB Class 10 SDXC Memory Card MB-MD128DA/AM

Product features

  • Up to 95MB/s Read & 90MB/s Write speed
  • Great Performance in Action Cameras, DSLRs, & Tablet PCs
  • Ideal for 4K content and Full HD Video recording
  • Built to Last - Water, Temperature, X-ray and Magnetic Proof

Choose a Storage Capacity

MicroSD Memory Card

Introducing ultra-fast memory that goes wherever you go.

4K Ultra HD Video

Capture the moments that matter. With the Samsung Pro Plus microSD Card, you can shoot rich and detailed 4K UHD videos from your smartphone, tablet, or camera and be confident that each memory will be safe. Play your videos back on your 4K UHD TV or monitor and relive the experience as vividly as the day it happened.

Extreme Read & Write Speeds

Samsung’s ultra-fast microSD PRO Plus sets the standard for extreme sports & action photography. This Ultra High Speed Class 10 SD card with U3 compatibility, is ideal for 4K UHD video recording & playback. And with blazing-fast read & write speeds of up to 95MB/s & 90MB/s respectively, you can transfer files and shoot photos with minimal lag.


Samsung Memory Cards can survive up to 72 hours in seawater.


These memory cards can endure temperatures from -25° to 85° Celsius.


Protect all your data from damage caused by airport X-ray machines.


Samsung Memory Cards can even resist magnetic fields of up to 15,000 gauss—the equivalent of a high-field MRI scanner.

Amazing Capacity

Save up to 10,940 photos1, up to 16 hours 20 minutes of Full HD video2 or up to 30,670 songs3.* Download more media files and apps to your smartphone or tablet. And know you’ve got plenty of space.**
1. 28MP (6480x4320) Super Fine, average file size: 11.5MB.
2 1920x1080/60P, HQ, average file size: 127.7MB
3 Average file size 4.1MB.
*Test Device: Samsung NX1. The above results are from internal tests using a Samsung SD adapter with the average-actual data store capacity (91.5% of the labeled capacity). The results may vary based on testing conditions and host devices.
**The storage capacity stated in the product specifications may be lower than the capacity reported by your computer’s operating system due to difference in measurement standards.

A Perfect Partner

Get the most out of the latest 4K UHD video-enabled smartphones, tablets and action cameras. This memory card works perfectly with even the most advanced devices to protect your memories for life..

Storage Type:

Storage Capacity:
128 GB

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