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Monster 140713-00

4 Ft. Advanced Performance Fiber-Optic Audio Cable 140713-00

EE Model #: MC400DF024
Manufacturer Model #: 140713-00
UPC/EAN: 050644680595

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Monster MC400DF024 view 1
Monster MC400DF024 view 1

19% OFF

Monster MC400DF024 view 1
Monster MC400DF024 view 1
Monster MC400DF024 view 1

Product features

  • Duraflex protective jacket
  • Heavy-duty molded connectors
  • Heavy-duty strain relief
  • InsuLight inner jacket

Product Reviews

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Precision digital audio cable for clear, natural surround sound and stereo audio from CD/DVD players and cable/satellite receivers. Precision polished fiber terminations minimize internal reflections, and advanced InsuLight jacket minimizes digital jitter for accurate high-performance digital sound.

Precision Digital Audio Cable for Clear, Natural Surround Sound and Stereo Audio from CD/DVD Players and Cable/Satellite Receivers

Fiber optic cables with ordinary construction deliver ordinary sound. Fiber optic cables abound, but finding one that lives up to the level of performance required by today’s high-performance CD and DVD players isn’t always easy. Many optical cables feature inferior materials and construction. The result: inferior data transfer—a real problem for the home theater enthusiast striving to maximize their high-fidelity components. With its advanced lightpath, Monster Cable® Fiber Optic 400DFO delivers all the data for enhanced audio realism.

Monster® Construction for Uncommon Durability and Performance

Monster® 400DFO delivers exceptional clarity and value. Specially tuned fiber and precision polished fiber terminations minimize internal reflections and signal dispersion for more accurate signal transfer and smooth, natural sound. An advanced InsuLight™ jacket further minimizes digital jitter and time distortion. And because the bitstream is transferred optically, there are no annoying buzzes and hums, just amazing digital sound.

Cable Type:

Cable Length:
4 Ft

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