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Danby DDR60B3WP

60 Pint Dehumidifier

EE Model #: DDR60B3WP
UPC/EAN: 067638002196

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Danby DDR60B3WP view 1
Danby DDR60B3WP view 2
Danby DDR60B3WP view 3
Danby DDR60B3WP view 1
Danby DDR60B3WP view 2
Danby DDR60B3WP view 3

50% OFF

Danby DDR60B3WP view 1
Danby DDR60B3WP view 2
Danby DDR60B3WP view 3
Danby DDR60B3WP view 1
Danby DDR60B3WP view 2
Danby DDR60B3WP view 3
Danby DDR60B3WP view 1
Danby DDR60B3WP view 2
Danby DDR60B3WP view 3

Product features

  • 60 U.S. pint (28.4 litre) capacity per 24 hours
  • Environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant
  • 2 Fan speeds (High - Low)/Auto Restart feature
  • Removable air filter is easy to clean

Product Reviews

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No one wants to sit in a humid home. You can find relief with this high-end dehumidifier by Danby. With a 60 pint (28.4 liters) capacity, this unit works best in areas up to 4,000 square feet. With its Energy Star® rating, paired with its R410a refrigerant, this unit is energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The electronic controls will allow you to change between two fan speeds. The auto-restart feature enables the unit to continuously operate until the temperature reaches 5ºC. The removable air filters make this unit easy-to-clean, and the castors make it easy to move from one room to another.

Easy Automatic Humidity Control

Maintaining optimal humidity in a space can often leave you scratching your head. You might find yourself asking is my humidity too high? Too low? It can be hard to determine. The Danby DDR60B3WP Dehumidifier takes the guesswork out of choosing a targeted humidity level with the help of its Smart Dehumidifying feature. The system analyzes your space's ambient temperature and humidity and automatically programs the most optimal humidity level for your space. This technology also chooses the most efficient fan speed to maintain the set humidity. No guesswork needed.

Continuous and Manual Operating Modes

Along with using the Smart Dehumidifying feature, the Danby DDR60B3WP can be run continuously or programmed with an ideal humidity level automatically. When operating continuously, the dehumidifier actively dehumidifies your space nonstop, regardless of the ambient temperature or humidity level. This mode is ideal for use in situations when you need to reduce the humidity in a space quickly. In manual mode, you can set your desired humidity and choose a fan speed, all under your control. When using both the Smart Dehumidifying and manual operation modes, the fan shuts off with the compressor.

Drain Manually or Via Gravity

Drain collected moisture out of the dehumidifier in 2 ways. As one method, you can empty collected moisture manually by removing and emptying the water reservoir at regular intervals. All you have to do is pull out the water reservoir and empty the contents in a sink or another location. When the reservoir is full, you'll be alerted with an audible notification and an indicator light on the control panel. As another option, you can drain the DDR60B3WP via gravity. For this method, you'll attach a drain hose or a standard garden hose to the drainage adapter and drain port. Route this hose to a nearby drain or another location, and collected moisture will automatically drain out with the force of gravity. This method is ideal if you're planning to leave the dehumidifier running unattended for lengthy periods such as in basement applications.

Full-Featured Electronic Control Panel

For maximum convenience, the Danby DDR60B3WP 60-Pint Dehumidifier includes a full-featured electronic control panel that helps you easily tailor operation to the needs of your space. Electronic pushbutton controls help you set a humidity level, select Normal or Turbo fan speed, stay informed of current humidity conditions, and activate the 24-hour on/off timer. What's more, you'll stay on top of operation with easy-to-read indicator lights that let you know when the water tank is full or the de-icing mode has activated.

Additional Features

  • Great for Large Rooms and Basements - The DDR60B3WP is an ideal choice for controlling humidity in mid-sized rooms and basements up to 4,000 square feet.
  • Full Bucket/Auto Shutoff - The dehumidifier will automatically shut off when the water reservoir is full to protect from spills and overflows.
  • 24-Hour On/OffTimer – Use the timer to program a shutoff time up to 24 hours in advance to conserve power and match the needs of your room.
  • Automatic Restart on Power Failure - Should a power failure occur, the DDR60B3WP will resume operating in your previously selected settings once power returns. This is a great feature for unattended basements!
  • Automatic Defrost - In temperatures below 41 degrees F, frost may build up on the evaporator coils. When this happens, the dehumidifier shuts off its compressor and enters defrost mode automatically to melt frost quickly and resume normal operation. Washable Air Filter - A washable air filter helps remove dust and allergens from the air and helps keep the dehumidifier running efficiently.
  • Check Filter Indicator - Reminds you to check the filter and wash if needed at regular intervals. On average, you'll need to wash the filter or vacuum it clean every 2 weeks.
  • Quiet Operation - At its highest fan speed, the Danby 60-Pint Dehumidifier has a noise level of 50 decibels, equivalent to sounds in an average home. Portability Features - Casters and side carrying handles help make this dehumidifier easily portable.
  • Energy Star-Qualified - This model meets the Energy Star program's standards for efficient, money-saving operation.

  • Type:


    Total Capacity (Cu. Ft.):
    60 Pint

    Energy Star Qualified:

    Electrical Requirements (Volts/Amps):
    110-120 V

    Dimensions (WHD):
    16.13" x 24.25" x 11.81"

    Shipping Weight (lbs.):

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