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Audiovox R2HE70CL

Fold Flat Dual-Channel Wireless Infrared Stereo Headphones

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Audiovox R2HE70CL

Product features

  • Uses high frequency infrared light to assure a clean signal for clear reception
  • Automatic Level Control prevents input signal overloading
  • Automatic Power OFF - After three minutes without a signal source
  • Adjustable Headphone Band
Audiovox IR2CFF Headphones----------Listen to amazing sounding audio without the hassle of wires with these Audiovox IR2CFF. These wireless headphones use the power of infrared to transmit your favorite audio straight to your headphones, and they offer features like Auto Shut-Off, so your headphones don't unexpectedly die.Audiovox IR2CFF features a fold-flat design that makes these wireless headphones highly portable. These wireless headphones also include an automatic level control to prevent signal overloading, and their high-frequency, infrared light assures a clean signal for clear reception.




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