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Sony FMP-X10

4K Ultra HD Streaming Media Player FMP-X10

EE Model #: FMPX10
Manufacturer Model #: FMP-X10
UPC/EAN: 027242881723


Sony FMPX10 view 1
Sony FMPX10 view 1


Sony FMPX10 view 1
Sony FMPX10 view 1
Sony FMPX10 view 1

Product features

  • Download 4K movies to watch any time (over 200 titles)
  • Netflix, now in 4K Ultra HD
  • More brilliant expanded color with TRILUMINOS™ color
  • Built-in 1TB HDD plus external HDD capability via USB

Product Reviews

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More 4K content than ever—instantly.

Prepare for more 4K entertainment than ever, all in one box1. Now you can download over 200 4K movies from Video Unlimited 4K and stream Netflix in 4K2. It even comes pre-loaded with 50 free titles to showcase the true beauty of 4K detail. A built-in, 1TB hard drive4 also stores videos from your 4K camcorder3 and it features TRILUMINOS™ technology for the widest color spectrum available6.

Upgrade your Sony 4K Ultra HD TV.

Access the largest collection of movies and TV shows available in 4K Ultra HD, plus store videos from your 4K camcorder2,3. And now, 2013 Sony 4K Ultra HD TV owners can stay up to date with 4K streaming services like Netflix8.

Download 4K movies to watch any time.

Once you’re connected, you have access to over 200 4K movie titles from Video Unlimited, the world’s first network video service. What’s more, the built-in 1TB hard drive can store about 20 movies.2

Netflix, now in 4K.

Enjoy 4K streaming from Netflix—including season 2 of House of Cards—and experience instant entertainment with four times the detail of regular HD.2

Save your personal 4K videos, too.

Just connect your 4K camcorder and save your own 4K videos right on the box. A built-in 1TB hard drive has plenty of space for hours of footage.

Over 50 free titles

Start experiencing the game-changing resolution of 4K Ultra HD right away with over 50 free videos in 4K, including eye-popping short films, documentaries, music videos and sports videos. This collection showcases the immersive experience and fine detail that only 4K can deliver1. When you see the full capabilities of end-to-end 4K video production, we think you'll agree — there's nothing else like it.

4K your way – rent or buy

In addition to the preloaded videos, feature films will be available to download for rent or purchase through the Video Unlimited 4K service. 24 hour rentals start at $7.99, and purchases start at $29.99. Choose from a collection of titles, including new releases, classic movies and TV episodes (purchase only)1,2. 4K Ultra HD rental offerings will be available during the same time periods as DVD and Blu-ray™ rentals from other industry providers.

More brilliant expanded color

Spoil yourself with the widest color spectrum we’ve ever offered. With TRILUMINOS™ technology support, colors are more vivid, skin tones are more natural and landscapes feel like the real thing6.


The Sony 4K Ultra HD Media Player (FMP-X10) is exclusively compatible with Sony 4K Ultra HD TVs. It is not compatible with 4K Ultra HD TVs from any other brand.


Max Resolution:
4K Ultra HD

Storage Memory:

USB Ports:

Dimensions (WxDxH):
9 13/16 x 9 13/16 x 2

7.7 lbs

Recommended Protection Plans for Sony FMPX10 / FMP-X10:

Protect your new purchase against the risk of untimely and expensive repairs with NSI Protection Plus coverage!