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Griffin GB38223

Survivor Clear for iPhone 5c

EE Model #: GB38223
UPC/EAN: 685387382750
Griffin GB38223 view 1
Griffin GB38223 view 1
Griffin GB38223 view 1
Griffin GB38223 view 1
Griffin GB38223 view 1

Product features

  • Crystal-clear polycarbonate shell
  • Tough TPE rubber at edges and corners absorbs impacts
  • Open ports for easy access to connectors and controls
  • Streamlined shape fits easily in your pocket or purse

Product Reviews

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See-through protection. Extra tough at the corners.

We set out to give you and your iPhone a stylish and modern-looking see-through case that also protects your iPhone if you drop it... even on hard pavement.

To crystal-clear polycarbonate we added tough, resilient TPE rubber edges. We gave it extra at the corners, to give your iPhone impact protection where it needs it most. The result: Survivor Clear.

How do we know how protective Survivor Clear is?

We designed Survivor Clear according to standards set by the U.S. Department of Defense (MIL-STD-810G) for Shock/Drop and Vibration. The standard defines testing that is designed to measure the ability to protect against a drop onto hard pavement, and from the kind of bone-shaking vibration, deadly to electronics, that it might be subjected to if you left it on the floor of your car all day while you negotiate under-construction roads at top speed.

Then we went to an independent testing agency. They performed tests based on these military standards: they repeatedly dropped an iPhone wearing a Survivor Clear case onto a concrete floor from a height of 6 feet. They subjected it to 18 hours of vibration, from 20 to 20000 cycles per second.

Survivor Clear performed. Beautifully.

Will your iPhone in a Survivor Clear case ever have to withstand the conditions in these military-grade tests? Probably not. But, if Survivor performs this well in our tests, imagine your peace of mind every time you have to take a phone call in a parking lot.

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