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Sharper Image MSI-CS530H

Customizable Shiatsu Back Massager MSI-CS530H

EE Model #: MSICS530H
Manufacturer Model #: MSI-CS530H
UPC/EAN: 845516001819
Sharper Image MSICS530H view 1
Sharper Image MSICS530H view 1
Sharper Image MSICS530H view 1
Sharper Image MSICS530H view 1
Sharper Image MSICS530H view 1

Product features

  • Quad rolling Shiatsu massage
  • Soothing heat for a deeper more relaxing massage
  • Perfect fit feature adjust to fit you back height
  • Spot shiatsu holds the massage just where you need it

Product Reviews

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The Sharper Image® brings you the deep massage chair that can be customized for height and ache. The Deluxe Shiatsu Back Massager gives you Perfect-Fit™ massage, anytime.The Customizable Shiatsu Back Massager features a quad roller dual-action massage and heat that allows you to have the benefits of a full massage chair in a cushion. Sit back and relax with a full back massage with proven Shiatsu effect. Melt away tension, muscle pain and fatigue with its programmable remote control with 6 programs.

Turn just about any chair in your home or office into a deep massage chair with the Deluxe Shiatsu Back Massager from The Sharper Image®. As the four independent rollers travel up and down your back, you can use the Spot Shiatsu and Perfect-FitTM feature to customize the massage to your back and height. When you find the perfect spot, you can hold the massage right where you want it.

Choose from deep-kneading Shiatsu or Rolling Massage. Add soothing Heat feature for a deeper, more relaxing massage. The Deluxe Shiatsu Back Massager comes with an easy–to-use Advanced Touchpad Control that features a laser-etched flat panel. Convenient carry bag included. Attaches easily to most home and office chairs.