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Monster 122428-00

ScreenClean for Portable Devices 122428-00

Manufacturer Model #: 122428-00
UPC/EAN: 050644663475
Monster MECLNKIT view 1
Monster MECLNKIT view 1
Monster MECLNKIT view 1
Monster MECLNKIT view 1
Monster MECLNKIT view 1

Product features

  • 45mL
  • Cleaning solution removes dust, dirt, and fingerprints
  • Formula cleans without dripping, streaking, or staining
  • Includes a high-tech reusable MicroFiber cloth

Product Reviews

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Ordinary Cleaners Can Actually Damage Your Video and Multimedia Equipment

If you're like most home theatre enthusiasts and multimedia users, you want the best possible performance from your equipment. Yet when it comes to cleaning your TVs, camcorders, camera lenses, high definition monitors, and other video displays, you may actually be damaging your equipment and harming performance – especially if you use an ordinary window cleaner. While these cleaners can remove most dirt and fingerprints, they usually leave distracting streaks – and even permanent scratches. Window cleaners can also drip all the way down a screen and into your equipment's moisture-sensitive electronics before you can wipe it off. This can cause expensive damage, and even total equipment failure.

Monster's ScreenClean Delivers a Safe, Cutting-Edge Clean For Enhanced Picture and Performance From Your TVs and Video Equipment

With Monster ScreenClean's advanced, drip-free cleaning solution, you won't have to chase cleaning fluid runs to prevent damage to your expensive TVs and equipment. ScreenClean conveniently stays where you spray it until you wipe it off. ScreenClean is designed to clean without leaving annoying streaks, while the included scratch-free microfiber cloth polishes screens and lenses for ultimate clarity and color. Instead of residue, haze, and scratches, you'll see a clear, vibrant picture with ultra-sharp definition.

See Everything You've Been Missing

Get all the performance you paid for from your home theatre and multimedia equipment. With Monster ScreenClean, you get the brightest, most vivid picture possible. Try ScreenClean, and see what you've been missing.


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