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Gekko GK1114B

11"x14" Black Flat Home Speaker (ea.)

EE Model #: GK1114B
UPC/EAN: 768235151002

65% OFF


Gekko GK1114B view 1
Gekko GK1114B view 1

65% OFF


Gekko GK1114B view 1
Gekko GK1114B view 1
Gekko GK1114B view 1

Product features

  • Power handling: Operates off 10-200W source
  • Bandwidth: 100Hz-15kHz
  • Unique flat design
  • Customized with ArtGekko printed grilles & replacement frames

Product Reviews

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Gekko Features
  • High quality sound
  • Proprietary audio technology creates Sweet Space sound
  • Unique flat design Can be easily customized with ArtGekko printed grilles and replacement frames
  • Ultra-thin cabinet (under 2" deep) perfect for wall mounting
  • Beautifully finished, texture-painted cabinet
  • Available in a variety of sizes

    Gekko Benefits
  • Sweet Space sound dispersion creates optimum sound for all listeners
  • Speakers become virtually invisible with ArtGekko custom options
  • Wall-mounted design saves space--speakers are unobtrusive
  • Lightweight, easy to install
  • Speaker placement flexibility
  • Versatile speakers used as mains, center or

  • Speaker Type:

    # Speakers Included:

    Peak Power Output (Watts):
    200 W