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Dolica CS08GR view 1
Dolica CS08GR view 1

52% OFF

Dolica CS08GR view 1
Dolica CS08GR view 1
Dolica CS08GR view 1

Dolica CS08GR

Compact System SLR Camera Holster - Brown CS-008GR

Product features

  • Fits APS-C DSLRs, Mirrorless, 4/3 Cameras
  • Dual closure (velcro + snap buckle)
  • Padded divider for extra lens or accessory
  • Large front pocket
The Dolica CS-008 Series Camera Holsters offer photographers a lightweight portablecamera holster for your Mirrorless Camera or Entry/Mid level DSLR. The CS-008 SeriesCamera Holster comes in 2 color combinations. CS-008GR is a grey with greenhighlights and the CS-008BR is brown with tan highlights. Each Holster easily fits anentry/ mid level DSLR or Mirrorless/ four thirds camera. Inside the Dolica CameraHolster is a Velcro divider that can separate your camera from an addition lens or flash.The shoulder strap is adjustable to ensure a nice snug fit. Also the large front cameraaccess flap has secure snap buckle and velco for extra secure closure.

Cases & Bags

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