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Instant Set-up Solution BR100 BR100

Product features

  • Connect to a router to set up your Sonos wireless network
  • Sonos music players can go anywhere and work wirelessly
  • Perfect for homes with less accessible routers
  • Extend the range of your existing network
The ideal solution for setting up your Sonos wireless speaker system when your router isn't in a room where you want music. Simply connect a SONOS BRIDGE to your wireless router and link all your Sonos players wirelessly with one touch. No rewiring or complex programming required.

Do you need a BRIDGE?

One Sonos component must be connected to your router using a standard Ethernet cable (supplied).
  • If the Sonos Player is within reach of your router, you can connect directly.
  • If not, connect the BRIDGE directly to your router and the Sonos player will work wirelessly.

Speaker Type:
Network Speakers

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