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6-1/2" 2-Way Shallow-Mount Loudspeaker

EE Model #: P662S
UPC/EAN: 050036930048

25% OFF

JBL P662S view 1
JBL P662S view 1

25% OFF

JBL P662S view 1
JBL P662S view 1
JBL P662S view 1

Product features

  • Power Handling, RMS: 55 Watts
  • Power Handling, Peak: 165 Watts
  • Sensitivity: 93dB
  • Frequency Response (ۭdB): 55Hz - 23kHz

Product Reviews

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HCL woofer cone - This breakthrough material consists of two woven glass fiber layers with an epoxy-coated Nomex honeycomb core. This cone delivers on what is claimed by many and achieved by few. It is exceptionally stiff, yet lightweight. The benefits of which are increased efficiency, exceptional midrange clarity and lower distortion at high output levels. Oversized voice coils and spider integrated tinsel leads - The P662s features a voice coil larger that what is found on competing models of the same size. This larger voice coil increases power handling while minimizing distortion. The spider integrated tinsel leads greatly enhance reliability and eliminate audible tinsel lead slap. Plus One (patent pending) woofer cones - The P662s uses a cone with more surface area than competiing models of the same size. The benefit is increased bass output and increased efficiency. Computer-optimized voice-matched passive crossover-The P662s comes equipped with an outboard crossover that has been voice-matched to ensure optimium imaging, clairty and detail. High-bandwidth edge-driven textile dome tweeters - These are not commonly used miniature cone tweeters, but full edge-driven domes like those found in high end home audio loudspeakers. The benefits of this full edge-driven topology are reduced distortion at high output levels and superior integration with the mid/woofer.The P662s also features a tweeter level control which allows the tweeter output level to match personal preference and mounting location. True Four Ohms— All Power Series speakers feature two ohm voice coils. Original factory-installed speaker wiring in many cars is 18-22 gauge. This wire, and heating in the voice coil when power is applied, increase the impedance seen” by the amplifier or head unit. The impedance of Power Series has been adjusted to compensate for this increase and can be safely driven by any head unit.

Speaker Size:

Max. Power Output (Watts):

RMS Power Output (Watts):
55 W

Speaker Type:
2 Way

Frequency Response:
55Hz - 23kHz

Sensitivity (dB):

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