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3-Channel System Amplifier GTO-3EZ

EE Model #: GTO3EZ
Manufacturer Model #: GTO-3EZ
UPC/EAN: 050036313278

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JBL GTO3EZ view 1
JBL GTO3EZ view 1

50% OFF


JBL GTO3EZ view 1
JBL GTO3EZ view 1
JBL GTO3EZ view 1

Product features

  • Thermal overload protection
  • Maximum Output: 1370 Watts (1050W x 1 + 160W x 2)
  • RMS Output: (50W RMS x 2 + 500W RMS x 1)
  • Built-in variable electronic crossovers

Product Reviews

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The JBL® GTO high-performance amplifier series includes multi-channel and system amps as well as mono subwoofer amplifiers, and each model has built-in test equipment for perfect setup. What’s more, variable crossover and bass boost with precise and clearly marked frequency dials provide easy customization. So whether you’re upgrading a factory system or assembling a custom one, GTO amps provide top performance backed by the JBL brand’s reputation for top quality.

# Channels:

Max. Power Output (Watts):

RMS Power Output (Watts):

Dimensions (WHD):
9-11/16" x 2-9/16" x 11-15/16"

Amplifier Class:

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