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Duracell DRINVP175

175-Watt Pocket Inverter with 2.1-Amp USB Port

EE Model #: DRINVP175
UPC/EAN: 609525756425

43% OFF

Duracell DRINVP175 view 1
Duracell DRINVP175 view 1

43% OFF

Duracell DRINVP175 view 1
Duracell DRINVP175 view 1
Duracell DRINVP175 view 1

Product features

  • Converts 12V vehicle power to 120V AC
  • Fast 2.1A USB charging port
  • High quality cooling technology
  • 3 prong AC outlet

Product Reviews

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The Duracell Pocket Inverter 175 converts 12-volt DC battery power from a vehicle into up to 175 Watts of usable AC and USB electricity. This sleek, compact adapter includes a three-prong household AC outlet and a fast 2.1 Amp USB charge port, allowing you to operate and recharge a larger range of mobile devices. The Pocket Inverter 175 is powerful enough to handle higher-output electronics such as a TV/VCR combo or work light, and can simultaneously run and charge both an AC and USB device at once, including iPads/tablet PCs, laptops, netbooks, e-readers, smartphones and many other devices for ultimate charging convenience.

The Duracell Pocket Inverter 175 is ideal for any purpose, from your mobile computing to recreational use. As one of the smallest inverters on the market, it stores easily in your laptop bag, vehicle console or glove box, and its advanced cooling technology ensures a perceived noise level that is up to 50% quieter than competitive products.