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Sony ICFCS15IPB view 1
Sony ICFCS15IPB view 1

7% OFF

Sony ICFCS15IPB view 1
Sony ICFCS15IPB view 1
Sony ICFCS15IPB view 1


Speaker Dock for iPod and iPhone ICF-CS15IPB

Product features

  • Rich, clear sound
  • Flexible dock connector
  • Alarm Flexibility
  • Wireless remote control
  • Rich, clear sound: Stereo speakers deliver a robust and enjoyable listening experience with rich bass tones.
  • Flexible dock connector: Designed for easy connectivity without the need for special adaptors, so you can just plug and play, even with your phone case attached.
  • Alarm Flexibility: Dual alarms can be activated independently of one another, and can also be set as a 2-5-7 day alarm to differentiate weekend and weekday settings.
  • Automatic Time Set: With the time set at the factory, setting up the unit merely requires selecting your appropriate time zone.
  • Wireless remote control: Control your iPod® or iPhone® from across the room with the included full-function wireless remote control.1
  • Charge while you listen: Your iPod® or iPhone® charges while docked to help you avoid a drained battery.1
  • SONY Sound enhancements: MEGA BASS® mode enhances bass response while Mega Xpand expands your music sound field at the push of a button.
  • Dock App: For expanded Clock and alarm functionality, install the free Dock App for iPod®/iPhone® available at the Apple App Store. Search for D-Sappli.”
  • No Power, No Problem: A backup power source keeps the clock and alarm operating during a power interruption.
  • LCD Brightness Control: Easily adjust LCD brightness to one of four settings to suit your preference.

  • Type:

    AM / FM Tuner:

    Frequency Response:
    150 - 10,000 Hz