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Dane-Elec DA-SD-4096-R

4 GB SDHC Flash Memory Card DA-SD-4096-R

EE Model #: DASD4096R
Manufacturer Model #: DA-SD-4096-R
UPC/EAN: 804272719680

65% OFF

Dane-Elec DASD4096R view 1
Dane-Elec DASD4096R view 1

65% OFF

Dane-Elec DASD4096R view 1
Dane-Elec DASD4096R view 1
Dane-Elec DASD4096R view 1

Product features

  • SDHC flash card
  • Capacity: 4GB

Product Reviews

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The physical characteristics of these cards are their weight, 0.07 ounces, their size, one sixth of a credit card (32 mm x 24 mm x 2.1 mm) particularly lends them to communicating mobile markets: personal assistants/PDA, MP3 drivers, Mobile phones, also to digital equipment such as cameras and others. Their rate of data-transfer varies between 2 and 4 MB per second. Compared to the Multi Media Card composed of 7 connexion pins, the Secure Digital card is composed of 9 connexion pins. This new organization allows faster transfer of data while the memory card is on SD mode. On the other hand, the Secure Digital has an integrated security mechanism, the CPRM - Content Protection for Recorder Media - which insures a high degree of protection and file-encryption. It controls the reading, copying, transfer or erase functions. In this way it becomes possible for the user to forbid or authorize the copy or to offer a reproduction

Storage Type:

Storage Capacity:
4 GB

Write Speed:
4 megabytes per second

Class Rating:

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