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Smart Digital Adapter for XM Ready Sony Radios - OPEN BOX

EE Model #: XMDSON110-OBX

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Open Box


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Good condition. Box open.

The Terk XMDSON110 XMDirect Smart Digital Adapter allows you to connect the XMD1000 Terk XM Direct Universal XM Satellite Radio Tuner to your Sony in-dash receiver. Both this adapter and the universal tuner are extremely compact and will install easily behind your dash or in any other convenient location.

Please note that when using the XMDSON110 adapter, the sound settings -- such as bass, treble, balance, fader, and sub level -- on some Sony receivers may revert to factory settings when you switch from XM to another source and back. Channel presets and equalizer presets, however, will continue to operate properly.

For more information about XM Radio digital-quality sound, coast-to-coast coverage, and more than 150 channels of satellite radio entertainment, visit

What's in the Box
XMDSON110 adapter, cables, and installation guide.

XMDSON110 allows XM service to be seamlessly installed into the interface of satellite radio ready car stereo. Works with Universal Tuner box to control XM channels using SONY car stereo controls. Doesn't change your car's interior and installs

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