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Onkyo UP-A1

Remote Interactive Dock for iPod UP-A1

EE Model #: UPA1
Manufacturer Model #: UP-A1
UPC/EAN: 751398009020
Onkyo UPA1 view 1
Onkyo UPA1 view 1
Onkyo UPA1 view 1
Onkyo UPA1 view 1
Onkyo UPA1 view 1

Product features

  • Recharging capability
  • Onscreen display for content navigation and selection
  • Audio/Video output jack for other AV sources

Product Reviews

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With Onkyo’s latest Dock for the iPod, it’s now easy to incorporate the iPhone into your home entertainment system. The UP-A1 helps to expand the possibilities for enjoying your iPhone or iPod’s music, movies, TV shows, music videos, and video podcasts. It draws a steady power supply from your compatible Onkyo AV receiver* via the same convenient cable that delivers video and audio signals to the receiver. The UP-A1 also offers handy features found on previous Onkyo docks: recharging capability; onscreen display for content navigation and selection; and remote operability via your A/V receiver’s remote controller. To bring proven Onkyo sound quality and the potential of big-screen video playback to your iPhone or iPod, look no further than the UP-A1.


AM / FM Tuner:

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