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Sony FV100

Dynamic Vocal Microphone with UniMatch Mini-Plug

EE Model #: FV100
UPC/EAN: 027242561649
Sony FV100 view 1
Sony FV100 view 1
Sony FV100 view 1
Sony FV100 view 1
Sony FV100 view 1

Product features

  • Uni-directional, dynamic microphone is compact & affordable
  • Wide frequency response range (100Hz to 12,000Hz)
  • Built-in on/off switch for specific use while on a stage
  • UniMatch mini-plug for use with all types of components

Product Reviews

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Sony offers the FV-100 Omnidirectional dynamic vocal microphone. Compact, easy to carry design is affordable and comfortable to hold and tote. Long 9'8" microphone cord adds extra versatility for use in a wide range of situations. Wide frequency response is suitable for clear pick-up when recording speech or vocal music. UniMatch plug allows microphone to be used with all types of components.

The Sony F-V100 is an affordable, yet quality-driven microphone. With a frequency range of -100Hz to 10kHz, the microphone is useful in both speech and vocal music recordings. The dynamic, omni-directional mic is a sure plus for all types of recording. The microphone is lightweight (4.1 ounces) and compact (2" x 6.5"), and with the long 9'8" cord the microphone has the ability to stray far away from the home component. To accommodate a wide range of component jacks, Sony has included a UniMatch mini-plug with this microphone, allowing it to be used with all types of components. When searching for an affordable, comfortable and versatile microphone, the F-V100 should not be overlooked.

What's in the Box
Sony F-V100 microphone and UniMatch



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