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Delphi SA10315

XpressRC Plug and Play XM Sattelite Radio

Product features

  • Satellite Radio receiver with full-color display
  • Record, pause, and replay up to 60 minutes of programming
  • TuneSelect finds favorite songs or artists
  • Number keys to program up to 10 favorite channel presets
One of the neat aspects of subscribing to XM radio is the ability to choose among many different types of radio programming, many commercial free. Another nice feature is whatever station you're listening won't fade from region to region throughout continental United States. Delphi Xpress RC offers more features to enhance your listening and operational pleasures. The most obvious is a new color screen that makes tuning a more vibrant experience. Your listening experience will never be the same. It's the industry's first plug and play satellite radio with a full color split screen display and 60-minute pause and replay. The radio also lets you save up to 10 of your favorite songs to listen to later. The display is easier to read - you can view content you want, the way you want. We don't live in a black and white world, so why should our XM experience be limited to black and white? XM goes color with the Xpress RC Includes universal connector which allows easy movement of radio between car, home & audio systems with compatible accessories

Adding a touch of color to the XM digital audio experience, the Delphi XpressRC features a vibrant color display and offers a wealth of features and functions to ensure the richest satellite radio experience available.

The Delphi XpressRC has a vibrant color display and offers a wealth of features and functions.

Easily move the XpressRC between car and home audio systems. The XpressRC comes with a large, full-color split-screen display for viewing the real-time programming guide. The color display also helps keep tabs on track and artist information. You can use the convenient pause and replay feature to review up to 60 minutes of your favorite XM programming. Because the unit features an XM universal connector, the saved audio material can be enjoyed in the car or at home with additional docking accessories (sold separately).

Other great features include a song saver function, which you can use to easily save 10 favorite songs for later playback, and digital presets so you can set 10 favorite channels for quick access.

Controlling the XpressRC is a snap. An easy-to-use five-way navigational control allows rapid channel scrolling and a TuneSelect feature helps you find favorite artists or songs and alerts you when they're playing on an XM channel. An included GameSelect function helps sports fans find their favorite sporting events and alerts them when a favorite team is playing on an XM channel. Information tickers can be set to display stock information and selected sporting scores.

To make setup simple, a built-in frequency finder conveniently scans and locates unused FM frequencies for listening to XM through your vehicle's FM radio. Measuring 4.5 by 2.5 by 0.63 inches, the XpressRC weighs only 3.2 ounces.


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