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ViaMichelin X930 view 1
ViaMichelin X930 view 1

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ViaMichelin X930 view 1
ViaMichelin X930 view 1
ViaMichelin X930 view 1

ViaMichelin X930

Portable GPS Navigation Unit X-930

Product features

  • 3.5" TFT Color LCD
  • Powerful and quick route calculation
  • Saves your last 10 destinations
  • Dash and Windshield Mount
Feeling lost? you won't be if you"ve got the ViaMichelin Navigation X-930 Portable In Vehicle GPS System. Combining ease of use and portability, ViaMichelin's Portable GPS Navigation X-930 is the lightest weight product in its class, and has the latest GPS receiver technology (based on SiRFstarIII chip), plus a complete set of pre-loaded U.S. maps and points of interest. (Canada maps may be downloaded from included DVD) The X-930 is a full-featured GPS with optimized routing, user address book, flexible destination selection and useful points of interest.
This new product from ViaMichelin builds on Michelin's over 100 years of maps and guides publishing experience and the X-930 has a slim, convenient design, while providing a full-size touch screen for easy use and navigation. The unit also features voice and text prompted turn-by-turn driving directions with comprehensive street-level maps. Bypass - change your route to avoid roadworks, traffic jams Canada maps are loadable from included DVD software disc

If you don't happen to own a luxury car with a built-in navigation system, and you want to drive from point A to point B without having to look up addresses on the internet and print your results--or even worse, pull over and ask directions--the Via Michelin X-930 could be what you're looking for. Its compact size, easy setup, no-learning-curve operation, and reliability make it an ideal travel companion for any drive you can't make on auto pilot.

The device weighs only 4.7 ounces, making it great for travel by car, foot, or bicycle. It comes with all the mounting hardware you need, as well.

The XP-930 puts the latest navigation technology in the palm of your hand. View larger. Design
The XP-930's basic black and gray plastic exterior suggests its straightforward mode of operation. A touchscreen dominates the front of the device, and serves as the main user interface. You can easily adjust the screen's brightness from the settings menu, or switch between day and night modes. On the right are four buttons that link you directly to central functions: Home (back to the main menu), History (your last 10 destinations), Current Location, and Points of Interest. Two buttons on the left control volume for voice instructions. On the back is a slot for the stylus, meant for the touchscreen interface. On top you'll find an on/off switch, a lock to prevent you (or your kids) from making unwanted changes while en route, a headphone mini jack, and an SD card slot. The device comes with an SD card containing a map of the 48 contiguous U.S. states (sorry Alaska and Hawaii). On the bottom you'll find a mini USB port (as found on most digital cameras), which handles all charging as well as connecting the device to your PC.

Getting the XP-930 up and running is pleasantly simple. After inserting the SD card, the device guides you through the few steps required for basic setup: choosing an interface language, location, and 2D or 3D map display. You can then mount it in your car with the sturdy windshield mounting system or adhesive dashboard mount. The supplied 12 volt charger keeps the unit powered while you are on the go. Satellite connections are made with the newer SiRF Star III technology, which is very snappy, requiring only a few seconds for the device to locate you and plot your course.

Apart from the four side buttons mentioned above, all interaction with the X-930 is via the touchscreen. Most applications can be accessed by fingertip, although, unless your fingers are very small and pointed, you will want to use the stylus for a few interactions that require a finer touch--such as adjusting the screen brightness. The home screen has only three icons: "Plan Your Journey," "Navigate To," and "Settings." Submenus are intuitive and easy to negotiate. We found it a breeze to adjust all settings just by following the menu icons, allowing us to leave the user guide at home.

Six different search methods at your fingertips.

Zoom in and move the map with ease.

Search states and towns for points of interest. The heart of the X-930 is its navigation system, which allows you to input a specific address, search for a point of interest, select a destination from the map, or choose a travel goal based on your saved destinations or navigation history. Once again, complex instructions are not needed, as the unit intuitively guides you through the steps required to tell it where you want to go.

The X-930 includes optional voice instructions to guide you if you don't want to take your hands off the wheel. We found this system worked quite well, being warned of upcoming turns 0.1 miles in advance. Maps can be displayed in either two or three dimensions, depending on whether you feel more comfortable with a traditional flat map or like to see your changing position in 3D. Either display variation makes it quite clear where you are, where you are going, and provides a big red arrow to tell you when a turn is coming up. If you happen to miss a turn, the unit quickly recalibrates your position in relation to your destination and gets you back on track.

You can also navigate directly to a point of interest. The X-930 comes with an extensive list of restaurants, parks, businesses, etc. Want to find the nearest McDonalds or Starbucks to your current location? Just grab it from the drop down list and you are on your way. We found not only major chains, but local establishments as well. In addition you can download more points of interest and install them on the device with the included "Navigation" software (PC only).

The only real gripe we had with the X-930 concerns inputting and editing. To enter the name of a city or address requires a keyboard that appears on the touchscreen. However, rather than a QWERTY keyboard, you'll find a grid of letters in alphabetic order. Being used to keyboards and thumbboards we found this system a bit slow and awkward. In addition, if you make a typo there is no way to edit without erasing all letters following your error. If your were, for example, to type "Philladelphia" the device would not find the city you are looking for, nor offer an alternative spelling. You would have to return to the keyboard screen and delete all letters after the superfluous L.


  • Easy to use, affordable GPS navigation that really works
  • Fast satellite connections, quick correction for wrong turns
  • Reliable map included on SD card
  • Customizable points of interest
  • Awkward input and editing of destination information
What's in the Box
ViaMichelin X-930 GPS navigator, car mounting bracket, stylus, SD card, ViaMichelin DVD-ROM, USB cable, AC power adapter, car charger, and user's manual.


LCD Display (In.):

Recommended Protection Plans for ViaMichelin X930 / X-930:

Protect your new purchase against the risk of untimely and expensive repairs with NSI Protection Plus coverage!

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