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Monster SV11001.5M view 1
Monster SV11001.5M view 1
Monster SV11001.5M view 1
Monster SV11001.5M view 1
Monster SV11001.5M view 1

Monster SV11001.5M

Standard® 1.5M Composite Video/Interlink® 100 A/V Kit (RCA) SV1/100-15M

Product features

  • A/V cables designed to enhance the performance of VCRs, TVs, camcorders, and A/V receivers
  • One pair Interlink® 200 cable with balanced construction for improved sound from audio outputs
  • One piece Monster Standard® Video cable for an improved picture with minimum signal loss
With Monster Standard A/V kit, you'll experience stereo sound when you watch videotapes, because you're using separate audio and video cables to carry each signal. Unlike ordinary RF cables, which aren't designed for optimum A/V performance, Monster Standard audio and video cables feature special low-loss construction with a dual foil and braided copper shield to reject interference that can cause annoying problems including ghosting or a snowy picture. 24k gold contact RCA connectors resist corrosion and ensure maximum signal transfer. A low-density structured foam dielectric is used for low-loss video signal transfer. Connect your components with Monster Standard interconnect cables for the sharpest, most lifelike video picture and natural sound reproduction. Don't compromise your A/V system's

Cable Type:

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